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NACS Show 2023: A Recap of Atlanta


The NACS Show, an annual gathering that unites professionals from the convenience and fuel retailing industry, recently concluded its 2023 edition in Atlanta. With a record-breaking attendance of 24,084 participants and a sprawling expo featuring 1,261 exhibitors, this event served as a hub for learning, networking, and exploring innovative products and services. In this recap, we’ll delve into the key highlights of NACS Show 2023 and its significance in the convenience and fuel retailing sector. 

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What is the NACS Show?

Each year, the NACS Show unites professionals from the convenience and fuel retailing industry for an enriching four-day experience. This event encompasses learning opportunities, valuable transactions, networking engagements, and enjoyable moments, all with the goal of supporting participants in enhancing and managing their operations successfully. In essence, the NACS Show is synonymous with the elements—products, individuals, and initiatives—that translate into increased profitability.

Given the swift pace of change and innovation within our industry, the NACS Show stands out as an indispensable annual gathering. For dedicated retailers committed to the prosperity of their enterprises, the NACS Show is nothing short of essential.

NACS Show 2023 in a Nutshell

The 2023 NACS Show has concluded, leaving a significant mark on the convenience and fuel retailing industry. Held from October 3 to October 6 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, this year’s event saw a record-breaking attendance of 24,084 participants, making it the most well-attended NACS Show ever hosted in Atlanta. Among these attendees, 7,334 were categorized as “buyers,” and the event drew individuals from 67 different countries.

At the heart of the NACS Show was a sprawling expo covering 436,100 square feet, featuring 1,261 exhibitors. Notably, the New Exhibitor Area showcased 205 exhibitors, offering retailers a unique glimpse into new products and services emerging in the convenience sector. To enhance convenience further, the Cool New Products Preview Room allowed attendees to explore 300 featured products by scanning QR codes through the NACS Show mobile app.

Education sessions took center stage at the event, with 49 sessions tailored by retailers for retailers. These sessions covered a wide array of topics, averaging around 250 attendees per session. The most attended session, “Solutions to Optimize Your Foodservice Space,” drew nearly 400 participants. Topics ranged from food, fuels, leadership, technology, human resources, marketing, operations to government relations, with special sessions catering to the specific needs of smaller operators.

Before the NACS Show officially kicked off, two co-located events took place:

1. The Food Safety Forum, a gathering of industry leaders focused on food safety, foodservice quality, assurance, and risk management.

2. The NACS Advanced Category Management Certification course, providing in-depth learning for experienced category management and merchandising professionals.

The general sessions of the event centered on inspiring innovation, cultivating a great customer experience, and promoting operational excellence. These sessions featured keynote speakers and panel discussions that delved into industry-related issues, trends, and strategies.

Aside from the educational aspect, the NACS Show also served as a platform for business meetings and recognition. Victor Paterno was named the 2023-24 NACS Chairman, and David Charles, president of Cash Depot, was named the 2023-24 Chairman of the NACS Supplier Board. Awards recognizing excellence were presented, including the Convenience Retailer of the Year Award Latin America, and the Fuels Market News Magazine Innovator of the Year Awards.

In a philanthropic effort, NACS and NACS Show exhibitors donated six trailers of food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank upon the conclusion of the event.

Looking ahead, the 2024 NACS Show is set to take place from October 7 to October 10 in Las Vegas. As a leading global trade association dedicated to advancing convenience and fuel retailing, NACS continues to play a vital role in promoting the positive contributions of convenience stores to the communities they serve.

In 2022, the U.S. convenience store industry conducted a staggering 160 million transactions daily, generating sales of $906.1 billion, underlining its significance in the American economy and beyond.

Juris Law Group’s take on NACS Show 2023

The 2023 NACS Show made a significant impact within the convenience and fuel retailing industry, drawing record-breaking numbers of attendees and exhibitors. This event solidified its status as the premier gathering for industry professionals, characterized by a vibrant atmosphere and palpable enthusiasm.

One standout feature of the show was the diverse range of products, services, and innovations on display. Notably, the New Exhibitor Area showcased innovative products that provide a glimpse into the future of the convenience industry. One notable highlight was the extensive array of products, services, and innovations on display. Companies have reason to be excited about the innovative products showcased, particularly those in the New Exhibitor Area. The NACS Show served as a window into the future of the convenience industry, where new offerings will play a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. The convenience of the Cool New Products Preview Room, which allowed attendees to explore products using QR codes, exemplified the event’s commitment to embracing technological advancements. Some noteworthy new products, that were also the most scanned through the NACS Show APP, include: 1) Lunchables Crispy Grilled Cheesies; 2) Sow Good Freeze Dried Candy; 3) Freeze Dried Crazy Candy 

Educational sessions were another highlight, offering valuable insights for retailers. These sessions, tailored by retailers for retailers, covered various operational aspects, including foodservice, technology, and leadership. The collaborative spirit at the NACS Show, where industry professionals openly shared their knowledge and experiences, left attendees deeply impressed.

In summary, the 2023 NACS Show continues to serve as a beacon of innovation and networking within the convenience and fuel retailing industry. It is an event that offers valuable insights and showcases the industry’s latest developments.