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With a deep relationship with a client, we use the law as a tool to create value and mitigate risk. This is done in all aspects of our work, whether through negotiating documents, giving advice or during a crisis. With a knack for business, we relentlessly and methodically develop a strategy, identify the strongest positions, understand the benefits of each, and deploy them to get the job done.

Food & Beverage Law

The culture and industry of food and beverage is quite different from that of many other industries. We’re there at a moment’s notice to manage crises and we know the difference between a company that survives and one that fails.

Licensing & Brand Protection

Representing licensors and  licensees, we’ve worked hard to become a leader in licensing in the food and beverage space. We have negotiated over 50 license agreements.

Consumer Products & Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the food and beverage industry comes with its own host of challenges. We understand the business specific to consumer products and the various agreements necessary to navigate the successful launch and life cycle of a consumer product.

Corporate & Business Law

Our attorneys were educated at the nation’s best law schools and were associates at nationally-ranked, highly-respected big large firms. We have the entrepreneurial determination to deliver creative business solutions that work.

Outside General Counsel

We take on more responsibilities than that of just an outside attorney.  Ultimately we provide better legal advice to the executive team by having a deeper understanding of the internal and external company dealings.

Business Affairs

If you want an attorney to just paper your deal, don’t hire us. We have the right mix of legal acumen, business insight, and strategic know-how to fill the shoes of both business and legal personnel at the highest expectations.


Whether as a licensor or licensee, term sheets and long-form license agreements contain a multitude of business and legal factors that must be considered, negotiated and drafted to protect the brand and the licensing program for decades to come.  Do it once with focus and strategy.


In order to successfully negotiate manufacturing agreements, co-man agreements and co-packing agreements, one must first understand the business specific to food, beverage and consumer products and navigate all the possibilities that are inevitable in this industry.

supply, vENDOR, distribution Agreements

Manufacturing, vendor and distribution agreements must outline the key roles and responsibilities and contain the vital details with certainty and stability for all parties involved. Don’t think of just the price charged, but consider the entire production chain and how to best protect your role.

law with the Future in mind.

The difference between a general counsel and an outside attorney is the focus on your business.  We focus on all issues that affect business, with in-depth legal expertise, sound judgment and honesty, so you can focus on what you do best.


We combine the roles of a business affairs executive and that of an attorney into one. You don't have to be a Fortune 100 company in order to think (and strategize) like one, but you must have the right mix of legal acumen, business insight and strategic know-how to successfully close any deal.  If you want an attorney to just paper your deal, don’t hire us.

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