IMG’s Influence on Iconic Beverage and Food Brands


In the fast-paced world of global licensing and advertising, few agencies can boast the level of influence and success achieved by IMG. As the largest global licensing business representing third-party clients, IMG’s extensive network spans over 25 offices across five continents. This article delves into IMG’s unparalleled role as a key player in managing the licensing programs of some of the world’s most renowned brands. 

Global Product And Branding Licensing Agency | IMG (, founded in 1960 by Mark McCormack, is a multifaceted global talent and marketing agency, earning a reputation as a trendsetter in the industry.  In brand licensing, it is a leading provider of licensing services to entertainment, sports and consumer products brands across the automotive, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, athletics, legends, personalities, corporate, sports league and event categories.

One of IMG’s notable strengths lies in its representation of clients in the food and beverage industry ( From celebrity chefs with Michelin-starred restaurants to innovative beverage creators, IMG represents a cadre of culinary titans shaping the culinary landscape globally. Household names like Guy Fieri, Tom Brady’s TB12, Dolly Parton, Tabasco, and Arnold Palmer have entrusted their professional journeys to the expertise of IMG Agency. 

IMG has become a keystone in the success stories of these household names such as 7UP, Budweiser, Cheetos, Corona, Pepsi, Haribo, among others. Through strategic planning and execution, IMG has solidified its role as a key player in shaping the narrative of these culinary giants.

IMG’s representation of these brands and celebrities goes beyond mere advertising – it’s about crafting experiences that capture the essence of each product and resonate with consumers on a deep, emotional level. By leveraging their global network and in-depth local market expertise, IMG ensures that each brand’s message is delivered with precision and impact.  These are a few examples of IMG’s work:

In the 1960’s, golf legend Arnold Palmer ( would regularly order a mixture of lemonade and iced tea.  Soon after, official Arnold Palmer® tea and lemonade beverage was born.  Fast forward to 2001 when IMG helped strike a deal with AriZona Beverage Company.  The rest is branding history.  

IMG brought Dolly Parton (and her brand into the breakfast category for the first time.  In partnership with Duncan Hines ( , Dolly Parton is hitting the shelf this month with a line up of cake mixes and frosting in the baking section of grocery stores and mass retailers.  Her pancake mix is set to be released later this winter, and frozen foods are expected on shelfs later in 2024.  

IMG’s global network is a testament to its commitment to providing unparalleled representation and opportunities. With offices strategically positioned around the world, IMG has established a seamless connection between culinary talent and global brands. The agency’s presence in culinary capitals such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo ensure that they are at the forefront of emerging trends and opportunities in the food and beverage industry.

IMG’s journey from a sports representation firm to the foremost global licensing business is a testament to its adaptability and unwavering commitment to innovation. With an expansive network across continents, IMG’s influence spans diverse industries, from entertainment to culinary arts. The agency’s unique approach, going beyond traditional advertising to craft meaningful experiences, sets it apart in a competitive landscape. As IMG continues to redefine the narrative for culinary titans and iconic brands, its strategic planning, global reach, and dedication to delivering impactful messages position it at the forefront of the ever-evolving licensing and advertising realm. In an industry defined by change, IMG remains a beacon of creativity, resilience, and success.

Pejman Javaheri, managing partner of Juris Law Group, P.C. says the following about IMG:

“Working with IMG has been an extraordinary journey of achievement. Their team’s passion for excellence in the food and beverage sector is not just impressive—it’s inspiring. As a lawyer who has partnered with them on several deals, I’ve experienced first-hand their deep commitment to bringing unique culinary visions to life. It’s more than just business; it’s about creating a tapestry of experiences that leave a lasting impression on the palate and in the market. Each project we’ve undertaken together has been a unique blend of creativity and legal precision, proving that when you mix passion with expertise, the results are truly remarkable. IMG isn’t just a leader in the industry; they’re culinary storytellers, and it’s been a privilege to be a part of their narrative.”